Creating Safe Workplaces with Jiten Chhabra, MD

On-Demand Webinar Recording

We talked with Dr. Jiten Chhabra, co-founder, COO, and Chief Medical Officer of digital health company CareValidate, about how companies are setting up and communicating worksite population health and safety strategies. Press the play button to watch the on-demand webinar recording.

Key Takeaways

Perception of Safety is Paramount.
Perception of Safety is Paramount.

As employees return to worksites even for only a few days a week, ensuring they feel comfortable about workplace safety is essential to the next phase of reopening.

A Chance for Culture to Shine.
A Chance for Culture to Shine.

Great communication and earned trust have always been the hallmark of strong corporate cultures. This is especially true now as companies engage in dialogue about reopening.

Stay Nimble as Regulations Evolve.
Stay Nimble as Regulations Evolve.

Health guidance from the CDC and regulations like California's AB-685 will continue to change. Adaptable systems implemented today will serve companies well into the future.

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