Comprehensive Guide to Remote Work Research

    When it comes to the “future of work”, everyone is a confident prognosticator, but data is better than another op-ed.

    There is a sea of research on remote and hybrid work that has been released recently. Our research team reviewed more than 50 different studies from the last year and a half and synthesized the findings into three pages (plus links and sample sizes if you want to dive deeper).

    Use this research “meta-analysis” to get beyond the hype and make expert decisions for your team and organization.

    Key Takeaways

    There is a strong consensus that professionals and organizations made remote work work well - no study found lower overall output or work quality. Even executives shared in these assessments, according to a recent 2021 study from PWC.

    Higher productivity has been fueled by extra work time and effort (made possible by the lack of commute time). This has meant higher output but also burnout (49% of workers felt burnout in January 2021, per McKinsey).

    Employees are expecting a balance between remote and office work (most commonly 2-3 days per week), and they’re willing to leave jobs or trade off with salary for that flexibility.

    This Was Made With You in Mind

    Our team crafted this eBook to help you create a more balanced workday, even in the face of ever-changing circumstances. Learn how we can bring more support to your company right now.

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    We’ve created an integrated framework called Balanced Work. In response to the rapidly changing work environment, Balanced Work offers a phased and flexible approach that knits together key workday factors: location, scheduling, and commuting. Browse our collection of guides that explore this emerging new future. Each guide is packed with in-depth research, practical advice, case studies, and ready-made templates. Dive on in.

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